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RTS New Wave for Fallout 3 FAQ

Destruction V6.1 FOMOD prevents you from blueprinting the Water Tower because it is a different object. - credit Leopard
After you build the Water Tower, you can turn Destruction back on.

 RTS NW is not compatible with Combat Enhanced-Package (esp: CombatEnhanced-package.esp) For some reason you cant hit the anvil or stone in the stone mine. You can switch to the NPC only version
(CombatEnhanced-package v02.esp or CombatEnhanced-Tactics.esp) - credit Gameinator

MMM changes the default brahmin, preventing the Brahmin whip from working on them - credit Leopard
Brahmin are decorative.  Only for butchering.
After you domesticate enough Brahmin, you can turn MMM back on.
Bug: You get continuous amounts of Repair Parts added to your inventory.
This is caused by having more than 100 Repair skill.  Fixed in Patch 3.

The volume patches have to be in sequential order.


RTS NW.esm
RTS NW - Volume 1st.esp
RTS NW - Volume 2nd.esp
RTS NW - Volume 3rd.esp

Q) RTS is not loading, it says Fose is running and then nothing happens.
Turn off all old versions of RTS, any patches and Farming Bob.
Then make a clean save.
Do this by:

- Leave the area
- Save game
- Exit game
- Disable previous RTS mod and ALL IT'S PLUGGINS!
(un-check it in FOMM if you use it)
- Load the save
- Save with RTS(Both versions ticked OFF) NOT in use
- Exit game
- Enable new RTS again
- Load your game again and it should be refreshed, your old village gone.
- You can now start enjoying the green grass on the other side of the fence!

Q) How do you activate the FOMM package?
The file type was changed to make it easier to install.
1) extract the RTS NW rar file.
2) double click on the FOMM file.
3) click on the package manager screen, select the mod, select ACTIVATE
4) Several seconds will pass by while it looks like it has hung.
5) then go back to the fomm main screen, put a checkmark next to RTS NW.
6) select launch fose.

Q) All items I build have a Red Exclamation point and I already turned on Archive Invalidation Invalidated.
UAC(user access control) is preventing you from altering Fallout3.
You need to EITHER disable UAC or re-install Fallout3 to a folder that is not restricted by UAC.
By different, I mean NOT "C:\Program Files".

Q) Where are the rest of the guys?  All I got was Bess.
Arcoolka and the gang were removed for this version.
The tutorial quest was removed for this version.
Only Bess is left.

Q) Where do I get the blueprints for houses and mines?
Assign a lumberjack, then you get the blueprints.

Q) How do I assign a lumber jack?
Target a tree and press the [G] button. Then talk to a companion.
(You cannot assign a lumberjack while the Camp Tent is deployed.)
(To pack the Camp Tent, goto Bess's options)

Q) How can I assign more than one Lumber jack?
You can't. There is only one slot for lumber jacks.  If you have the Camp Tent deployed, you can have your companions chop down trees, but they do NOT count as lumberjacks.

Q) How can I assign more than two miners?
You can't. There is only two slots for miners.

Q) How do I rotate something?
Hold the X or Y key while presssing the mouse buttons.

Q) I pressed the buttons and the item just zooms in and out.
Press the jump/space bar to toggle the zoom mode function.

Q) Where do I get the brahmin for farming?
You have to find them wandering in the Wastelands or steal them from somewhere, like Arefu and Megaton.
Or use console command

player.placeatme 1cfa2  2

Q) How do I start the farm?
Build an Academy. A scholar will ask for your help.
This requires a companion.
Talk to a scholar, they will ask you to blueprint and build a Water Tower.
Build the Water Tower and talk to a scholar, they will ask you to buid a Water Well.
Build a water well.

If you have not already visited Oasis, you should go there now to trigger the rest of the quest.

After you visit Oasis, talk to a scholar, they will give you a blueprint for the farm.
Build the farm. You can now assign Farmers.
Talk to a scholar, they will ask you to goto Oasis.
Talk to Leaf Mother Laurel to get a Bag of herbs.
Place the Bag in your village, you can now make seedlings.

Q) Where do I get seeds for farming in Oasis?
Talk to Leaf Mother Laurel.

Q) My companions froze up and are stuck.
Fast travel somewhere.

Q) There are some NPCs I want to recruit, but I don't get a dialogue option.
Target the NPC with your crosshair, and press the [,] comma button.
This will bring up the menu to add them to the forced greeting list.
If it doesn't work, select the debugging option and try to add them to the forced greeting group again.

Q) How do I re-assign a villager to a new job?
You need at least two available GDP and you can only re-hire companions from the common houses.

Q) It won't let me re-assign a lumberjack.
You can not un-assign a lumberjack, miner, scholar, merchant, blacksmith, farmer or guard.
It is not allowed as it may cause other bugs.

Q) I can't build something because I need a lumberjack.
The lumberjack it wants is the full time type.
You cannot assign a lumberjack while your Camp Tent is up.

Goto Bess and tell her to pack up the camp.
This will allow you to assign the Lumber jack again.

Then you can deploy your Camp Tent and assign your companions to chop down trees as well.
Your companions do not count as lumberjacks, even if they are chopping down trees.
They are part-timers not full-timers.

Q) How come Villagers and NPC's keep walking through walls and falling through floors?
The game engine does not easily allow us to add navmesh. (short for navigation mesh).
In regards to travel areas, NPC's undestand two things, navmesh and collision objects.

Navmesh tells NPC's where they are allowed to walk. Collision objects tell them to go around.

So, as far as the NPC is concerned, the Watch tower is just a tall table. The real 'ground' is underneath. The same for anything not flat on the ground. Also, if an object does not have a collision object, it may appear solid to you, but it simply doesn't exist to the NPC.

Personally, I find it interesting to note.  People want guards to wander around and take potty breaks, but they complain when the guards actually do slack off.

Q) Where do I get the blueprints for Metal Plates or Stairs?
Talk to the blacksmith

Q) Where do I get the blueprints for Wood Beams?
Talk to the lumberjack.

Q) Where do I get the blueprints for Turrets?
Talk to the Scholar. And before you ask, the power plant is not ready yet.

Q) Where do I get more meat to make fertilizer?
You can use the Bob-B-Q grill to turn mutilated body parts into strange meat.

Q) Where do I find the Bob-B-Q grill?
At the Grisly diner. It is north of the Temple of the Union.

Q) Where do I get more mutilated body parts?
Use the Friendly Neighbor to chop up dead people.

Q) Where do I find the Friendly Neighbor?
Andale, the Smith's basement. It looks like a Ripper and is on the back table.

Q) I chopped up a body but it didn't dissappear.
The body has an external script running on it, so it can't be disabled.

Q) Where can I get some light?
Blueprint a torch in Oasis or some burning barrels.  Or you can try a mod.

Mazas portable campfireS  
Portable Fire Barrels
Fallout Street Lights
Placeable Lights

Q) How do I assign guards?
To assign guards, you must allocate GDP to Security and place the patrol marker.