Real Time Settler

Game over!

This is the end, my beautiful friend(s)

Right, after long time I have definitely decided to stop modding. RTS will be not more supported by me, also I will not develop any other mod. I spend nice time here, but my lifes train is asking me to follow him to the next station. I would like to thnx to everybody who actively contributed  for this site. I made this mod for you and  you gave me great feedback and help. Feel free to use this site furthest.  I wish you good luck and I wish your dreams come true.

 your arc

And all good things will end.

" Sometimes life is altered., Break from the ropes your hands are tied.
Uneasy with confrontation, Won't turn out right. Can't turn out right"

Unfortunately it saddens me that such decision is final, I Do have control of the site and the Files of which arcoolka currently hosts.

As it sees fit, Real Time Settler and Other Modifcations from Peter ( [HTS] - Happy Tactical Squad, [VRC] Vertibird Remote Controller will remain accessable and downloadable. Due to my skill in Modding I will not be able to fully help the Mod for any due patches etc, I will however remain a member of the Development Team and Continue to do best where available, Thank you for Reading Settlers, The train has left the station, The Great one has gone, Shall the future bring us his presence once more, One can only hope. ' Every empire starts with a city and every empire has a Great Ruler, That my friend is you"