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Guys you know by yourself that this is one of the greatest mod ever in fallout history and i cant play ythe storyline again cause im banned in RTS...

Ive got a problem with the guards which i googled and some people asked but didnt get an answer.

When you assign a guard and place the 4 patrol points the guard starts to walk away from first point, walks 20 meters and teleported back and again and again....

Is there anyway to increase the range or something to correct it?

Please im addicted and need help ;)

Btw playin the last version in Fallout 3 with all 4 expansions.

In hope


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Posts: 16

I also increased the two things:

set bbbRoTSRoadsQuest.PatrolLength to 50000

set bbbRoTSRoadsQuest.guardarea to 50000

But the teleport-guard-bug still exists.

Must i wait till respawn that the console commands work or what else can i do?

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