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1) Goto Mojave Outpost.

2) Find Brahmin Bess.

3) Activate Bess.(game default is the E button on your keyboard)

4) Select "Bess's Orders".

5) Tell Bess to "Follow you".

6) Wait a few seconds, you will get a message about turning on RTS Hardcore mode.


Hardcore mode allows you to build houses and hire villagers.

Hardcore mode requires resources and scrap to build items.


Disabling Hardcore mode allows you to build things without scrap or resources.

You do not need to salvage cars or tires and that feature will be turned off.


All the "Mod Controls" are available by Activating Bess or Bess's Bell.

Bess's Bell is in your Inventory under the Aid Section.


To begin building something, open the "Mod Controls" and select "start object Spawning".

Wait a few seconds and a Bobblehead will show up.

Use the scroll wheel to cycle through the categories.

Select a the Activate button(game default [E] button on your keyboard)

Use the scroll wheel to cycle through the available items.


To toggle between rotating and zooming the item, press the Activate button(game default [E] button on your keyboard)

To zoom or rotate the item, press or hold your mouse buttons.

To rotate on the X or Y axis, hold down the [X] or [Y] button on your keyboard while pressing your mouse buttons.


You can move around and place the item where you wish.

To place the item, press the [C] button on your keyboard.

The item will become locked and you can walk around to inspect the placement.

To confirm placement, press and hold the [C] button again.

To cancel the item or placement, press the [BACKSPACE] button on your keyboard.

To delete a blueprint that you are looking at, press the Numpad [-] minus button.

To re-align the rotation axis, press the * asterisk button on your numberpad. (not the shift 8 button)

To resize the item, hold down the [L] button on your keyboard while pressing your mouse buttons.

You can reconfigure some of the hotkey buttons [C], [BACKSPACE], scroll up and scroll down.

This is under "Mod Controls" > Mod Settings > Debugging > Configure hot keys.

You can place multiple items with the same alignment.

If you completely cancel item placement, the alignment resets to default.

To exit object spawning mode, Press the [BACKSPACE] button several times.


(Yes, I know that the Broc Flower and White horse nettle fall through the ground, that is a vanilla bug. We are researching it.)


If you don't see an item you want, you have the ability to take blueprints of items in the game.

Open the "Mod Controls".

Select "Start blueprinting"

Get within arms reach of the item you wish to blueprint.

Target the item with your cross-hairs.

Press the [C] button.

The item should start flashing white.

To confirm the blueprint copy, Press the [C] button.

To cancel the blueprint copy, Press the [BACKSPACE] button.

To exit blueprinting mode, Open the "Mod Controls" and select "Stop blueprinting".


(You cannot blueprint and place trees, you get a CTD)


To pick up an object and move it somewhere else, Open the "Mod Controls" and select "Start object carrying".

Target the item with your cross-hairs.

Press the [C] button.

The item should start flashing white.

You may now carry, rotate or resize the object.

Not all objects can be carried.

If you are not allowed to carry the item, you will be offered the option to disable/delete the object.

To exit object Carrying mode, Press the [BACKSPACE] button several times.





You need to activate RTS hardcore mode to build houses.

Then you need to collect some RTS scrap.


1) Turn on Hardcore mode.

2) Activate Bess or Bess's Bell.(The "Mod Controls")

3) Select Start scrap collection.

4) Target a car/tires/wheel rim/motorcycle/truck with your cross-hair.

(Many of these can be found near the road to the Mojave Outpost)


Once you have some RTS scrap, you can build a shelter, which you upgrade into all other buildings.


Building a shelter literally removes a tree from the game.

To find out how many trees are in the area, Open the "Mod Controls" and select "Resources / Diplomacy", then select "check available resources".

At the top of the list you will see "Direct Sources". These are the raw materials that indicate where you can build a Lumbermill, Stone, Silver or Gold mine.

Lumbermills require 50 trees in the area. There should be several spots near Goodsprings and Jacobstown.


Lumbermills need a house nearby so you can hire a villager to work there, but they do not have to be built in your Main village. You can use this as an outpost.

The same is true for the Stone, Silver and Gold mines.

Stone is available near Sloan and Quarry Junction.

Silver is available at the "Silver Peak Mine" on the way to Jacobstown.

There are two gold mines near Searchlight.


Like in real life, I'd like to build a gold or diamond mine in my backyard, but I'd just be wasting my time. Yes, it is inconvenient that I don't have a gold mine in my backyard.





You need to activate RTS hardcore mode to build houses.

Then you need to collect some RTS scrap.


First, build a water well. (required to hire villagers or place plants)

Then, open the blueprints to camping blueprints and build a shelter.

(Building shelters literally removes a tree from the game.)

Use the Activate button (game Default [E] button) on one of the support pillars, select the option to convert the shelter to a house.

Use the Activate button (game Default E) on one of the support pillars, there should be an option to hire an inhabitant and upgrade the building.

The buildings are all external, you can't "enter" any cells.

Each house starts with ONE food ration for villagers.

All other buildings are upgrades from the shelter.


To increase the food rations, you can build a Farm or Pasture nearby.

You can have a maximum of 5 farms.


Now that you have a villager, you can build other buildings and assign the villager to work there.






So, this is an area where people get confused.

There are two kinds of gold; gold "raw resources" determine where you can build the mine, and gold "as a product for trade caravans"


All of the buildings require some maintenance cost of "GDP" or you won't be allowed to build it.


One gold resource each near Searchlight North Gold mine and Searchlight East Gold Mine.

There is only one spot for silver, at Silver Peak Mine (on the way to Jacobstown).


The lumbermill produces unlimited wood for shelter or house construction.

The 5 wood "produced" value that you see is "a product for trade caravans".


The market grants "access" to the wood/stone that your buildings produce. Think of markets like the power nodes from Starcraft.

The market creates an "area" where you get access to resources that your other buildings produce.


In the current version 0.21, Markets no longer generate GDP.






So, build a lumbermill (and house) somewhere else(outpost), then build a market in your Main village.


If you run out of trees in an area, you can:


Walk further away from your village, and "scroll" your shelter until it is no longer red.

Then walk back to you village. You have just manually "carried" wood back to your village.


1) select the shelter. If there are no available trees, the shelter will glow red.

2) use your scroll wheel to select ANOTHER item from the blueprint queue.

3) walk away from your village.

4) use your scroll wheel to get BACK to the shelter.


If the shelter stops glowing red, that means there is a tree in range.


5) Repeat steps 2 through 4 until the shelter stops glowing red.

6) Stop using the scroll wheel.

7) walk back to the village and place your shelter.


Or, open the crate that comes with your lumbermill.(Obviously requires that you have a lumbermill somewhere)

There should be a packed wood item that you can use as wood to build shelters if you have run out of trees. This is a stop-gap measure.


1) Deploy the lumber pile.

2) Activate the lumberpile to grab some packed lumber.

3) Drop the packed lumber in your barren village.

4) The dropped lumber will count as wood for shelters.


Or, build a market nearby.(requires that you have a lumbermill somewhere and one tree)




Assigning a villager as a Scavenger gets you +1 GDP.

(You cannot change their jobs afterwards)

Lumbermills cost 5 GDP maintenance. You can have a maximum of 2 Lumbermills.

The Mines, Academy and all buildings require some quantity of GDP maintenance.

In the current version 0.21, Markets no longer generate GDP.


If you accidentally get stuck, you can build a house and assign the villager as a scavenger.

You are allowed a maximum of 25 houses.

You can also use bottlecaps to boost GDP.


Go into Resources / Diplomacy

Check available resources

Gross Domestic Product balance

Boost GDP


Starting a Caravan can bring you lots of GDP but requires a few things:

1) A Caravan Guard.

2) 3 Brahmin. Cost 1 GDP each.

3) Something to sell.

4) A Market near the Brahmin.


To get some Brahmin, you need to build a Pasture.

Then open the crate that comes with the Pasture.

Deploy the "Manger" that is in the crate.

Click on the Manger to buy some Brahmin.


Now, each Farm you have produces rations for villagers and Food for Caravan trade.

You can have a maximum of 5 farms.


You do not accumulate GDP.

Any GDP that you don't spend is converted into bottlecaps.

So, if you have 10 GDP today, then tomorrow morning you will still have 10 GDP, plus a pile of bottlecaps.



WHAT!?1? Wheres the rest!?


I had to start my game over and Arcoolka has put out 5 patches since then.

So I'll have to get back to you about The Legion, resurrecting villagers as ghouls etc.


To get the Howitzer, you need to research level 3 explosions.

The Howitzer now requires ammo.

If you research Genetics, you can resurrect dead villagers as ghouls.

If you sneak, you can disable a dead villager corpse.

If you research level 3 Electricity, you can build the radio tower.


This Mod is a work in progress, many features are still being added, changed or removed.





RTS NW Walkthrough

RTS New Vegas Guide

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Posts: 1990

Q) How do I start a village.


1) You need to turn on RTS hardcore mode.

2) You need to collect some RTS scrap material.

3) You need to pick an area with a few trees.

4) You may need to build a water well if there isn't a source of water in the area.

5) Activate Bess or Bess's bell and select -Start Object Spawning-

6) Build a shelter.

7) Upgrade your shelter into a house or worksite.

8 ) Activate the house and recruit a villager.

All buildings are upgrades of the shelter.

RTS New Vegas - Construction site


Q) I can't build a water well.


You need to be carrying a shovel to dig a well.

Since it counts as a weapon, you probably stored it away.

Player.additem 11E46F 1


Q) I placed some idle markers, but I can't see them


Idle markers are invisible.

When your villagers randomly feel the mood, they will stand in the same spot and perform that action.


There is a limited selection of idle markers.

Beds and chairs automatically come with idle markers.


The villager sandbox range isn't very far from their house.

The villager does not go in search of idle animations.

The villager uses whats in range of their house.


Q) I placed some villagers but I don't see them.


You can't place villagers.

You placed Idle markers not villagers.

Instead, you have to activate a house and recruit villagers.


Q)How do I collect scrap?


1) Turn on Hardcore mode.

2) Activate Bess or Bess's Bell.

3) Select Start scrap collection.

4) Target a car with your cross-hair.


Q) How do I get the Howitzer?


Build an Academy and hire a scholar.

Research level three Explosives.


Q) How do I get Artillery shells?


To get unlimited artillery shells, start a trade agreement with the Boomers.

Its under Diplomacy.


Q) I've got a Radio tower and Wastelander's but I can't assign a job to them.


Wastelanders cannot be assigned as guards or soldiers or caravaners.

They can only be assigned as a farmer or butcher, but only to replace a dead farmer or Butcher. They cannot be assigned as the Primary worker.

You get more Wastelanders by turning on the Radio Tower.


Q) What is the Radio tower good for?


The Radio tower will attract Wastelanders into your settlement . It has a decorative function mainly, because Wastelanders may be only be assigned to farmer, butcher, manufacturer, miner and lumber jack position and only if an appropriate building is built nearby already. Good for repopulating of a depopulated settlement. Wastelanders dont require food, have no effect on GDP, happiness etc.

They do not have an option to stay put, so they will follow you until you kill them or give them a job.


Q) Can you make a version without NVSE?


NVSE provides a lot of script functionality that lets us do the things people like. Like blueprinting objects.

So, no, there will not be any attempt to make a version without NVSE.


Q) I can't activate the object spawning Bobblehead


Are you taller than normal? Shorter than normal? Playing as a child?

If you are taller than a standard character(or have another mod that changes your cross-hair position), you may need to swing your cross-hair around a bit to find the collision mesh where the bobblehead first spawned.


Try this:

1) When you activate object spawning, stand still.

2) Without walking away, try looking down and side-to-side a little.



When an object is first spawned, the collision mesh appears in that first spot.

You can use scripts or console commands to move the object, but the collision mesh doesn't sync up until the cell resets, or we force it. We force it to sync up by disableing and re-enabling the object.

The "E) Activate" menu function only triggers on that collision mesh.


Q) The game crashes when I try to pull Packed wood out of a container.


Known bug.

You are supposed to deploy the packed firewood, not stockpile it.

The packed firewood uses the OnDrop function.

The OnDrop function checks to see if the item is leaving a container.

Moveing from the Player(a container) to a box and then back to the Player is more than enough container checks before the script is triggered.

The script is trying to replace the carried object(packed wood) with a pile of lumber.

So there is no quick fix, just don't do it.


Q) I deleted some objects but I still see a fuzzy after image.


What you see are LOD objects which are usually only visible when you are looking at objects from very far away, they have very bad textures, blurry outlines, etc. These objects usually disappear when you come closer and they are replaced with objects with normal textures, etc.

But, if you disable the normal objects, LOD objects can't be replaced and will stay. LOD objects can't be deleted within the game.

If you fast travel to that location, the LOD will not be loaded.

The only way is to remove them is with the GECK.

Validating of LOD objects takes hours on a very good comp, a day and more with a slower one.

Deleting LOD objects is not an easy process, because you have to validate the whole world where the LOD object is/was placed.


Q) How do I hire soldiers or guards?


You have to build a Barracks before you can assign villagers as soldiers.

But be warned, this will activate random attacks.

Random attacks cannot be turned off.


The attacks only start if you build a barracks.

You can assign a static spawn point though.

So, if you want a village without attacks, don't build a barracks.


You could also set a static spawn, then fence them off with the chain-link fence. About 5 or 6 turrets should handle the spawns.


Q) I don't like what the house looks like, I want an enterable house.


1) Disable the roof

2) Change the scale of the house to 0.2

3) Then disable and enable the house to reset the collision object.

4) Then

player.placeatme 10654e

5)And place your house shell around your shrunken RTS house.


Q) I lost my library crate


Library crate

player.placeatme xx008562

change the xx to the indexID of RTS.


Q) I lost my pasture supply


Pasture supply

player.placeatme xx005536

change the xx to the indexID of RTS.


Q) What are some cheat codes?


set aaaGold to xxx

player.placeatme F1E16 20

RTS Scrap xx00F1E

Pre-war book FC9C0




RTS NW Walkthrough

RTS New Vegas Guide

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