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First thing to do in this mod is to find Bess.

If you fast travel, Bess will show up.

Or, to summon her, hold down the B button and PRESS your mouse wheel.


Next, find a location for your village and setup camp.

Talk to Bess and setup camp.


Check Bess's inventory for blueprints in the Aid section.

The Brahmin whip is in the Weapons section.


Next, you need construction materials and companions.


You use scrap, wood and stone as construction materials.

You need companions to help you build large items.


The fastest way to get construction materials is to cheat!

Set the Mod settings to easy and use the Refresh resources button.

Activate Bess> Mod Settings> Difficulty Settings> Apply easy settings

Activate Bess> Mod Settings> Refresh resources


The next fastest and cheapest way is to buy some from the Caravan merchants.

Doc Hoff, Lucky Harith, Crow and Wolfgang.

They will sell you materials for caps but only AFTER you setup camp.


The next method is to recycle items.

You can recycle armor, weapons, bullets and junk in the wasteland.

Just point your crosshair at an object and press the G button.  If its in the list, you'll get some scrap points.

For me, I recycle bullets, make sure they are unstacked.  One at a time.  Four bullets equals one scrap.


You can hire upto 5 companions at one time.


If you see an npc you want as a companion or in your village, talk to them.

If you don't see a dialogue option to recruit them, target the npc and press the comma button.

There is a menu option to add the NPC to a forced greeting group.

That will allow you to recruit the NPC if they are generic NPC's.


Named NPC's are level 9.

NPC's from other mods(not in an existing list) are level 9.

Those two rules pretty much cover everybody.

NPC's that perform functions are lower level.

NPC's that have no function or generic names are level 0.

NPC's that CTD are on a dis-allowed list.

Quest NPC's are on a dis-allowed list.


Once you have at least 4 companions, you can really begin the mod.

Up till now, you did not have the House Blueprint.


To get the blueprint, you need to assign a lumberjack.

Target a tree near your village and press the [G] button. This will assign the tree as a work site for the lumberjack. (You cannot assign a lumberjack while the Camp Tent is deployed.)

(To pack the Camp Tent, goto Bess's options)


Then talk to a companion.

Assign as a lumberjack, then you get the blueprints.

There is only one slot for lumber jacks.


They stop being a companion and now count as a villager.

Villagers contribute toward GDP.


Now, you can either use a saw and chop down OTHER trees to gather lumber.

(Each tree you chop down gives +5 lumber.)


Or, you can find the Caravan merchants and buy construction materials from them.


If you are going to gather the materials yourself to build your first house, I suggest you aim to build a Cave House. This requires a Stone mine and requires less wood, but more scrap.


Stone Mine requires:


80 units of wood

3 companions


Cave House requires:


90 units of scrap

5 units of wood

2 companions

1 miner

(once built gives + 15 units toward Stone)


Normal House requires:


125 units of wood

75 units of stone

3 companions

1 lumber jack


Once you have enough wood to build a Mine, build the Stone mine near your village.

Next, go into the Mine and assign one of your companions as a Miner.

There are only two slots for miners.


They stop being a companion and now count as villagers.

Villagers contribute toward GDP.


Next, build the Cave House and set it as the Market.

Go into the Market and assign a companion as a Merchant.

Now, you can buy construction materials from your merchant.


So, to build the mine and cave house first requires:

85 wood

90 scrap

3 companions

1 miner

1 lumber jack (to get the blueprint)


To just build a normal house first requires:

125 wood

75 stone

3 companions

1 lumber jack


You can only have ONE each of Market, Academy and Blacksmith.

You can have many Player Houses but they all lead to the same cell.




To build the farm, you need at minimum to build the Academy and visit Oasis.


Build an Academy.  A scholar will ask for your help.

This requires a companion.

Talk to a scholar, they will ask you to blueprint and build a Water Tower.

Build the Water Tower and talk to a scholar, they will ask you to buid a Water Well.

Build a water well.


If you have not already visited Oasis, you should go there now to trigger the rest of the quest.


After you have visited Oasis, talk to a scholar, they will give you a blueprint for the farm.

Build the farm. You can now assign Farmers.

Talk to a scholar, they will ask you to goto Oasis to get seeds and plants.

Talk to Leaf Mother Laurel to get a Bag of herbs.

Place the Bag in your village, you can now make seedlings.


The farm is not required.  The seedlings are not required.


Farmers provide +10 food per day. Why is this important?

Villagers provide two GDP per day each. If there are no farmers, they spend 1 GDP per day looking for food.

If you have the seedlings, you can grow fruit trees or vegetables. This can increase Farmer productivity by +4 food per day each farmer, if your plants are mature.


What is GDP good for?

You can invest GDP into Research.  Each level of Research increases villager GDP productivity by 100%. So at level 1, each person provides 2 GDP.  At level two, each person provides 4 GDP.


What else is GDP good for?

You can assign it to Military support. This allows you to place patrol markers and assign companions as Soldiers.


Anything else GDP is good for?

You can use GDP to purchase wood, stone and scrap material.


What else is GDP good for?

You can invest GDP into Village Glory Level. This allows you to hire named NPC's as villagers.


What does that mean? For example, you can recruit Jenny Stahl, Moira, Nova, etc as villagers.


If you have lost a blueprint here are the codes.

But if you never got them in the first place, then that means you missed a quest step.


camptent      xx0029f9

campfire       xx004ae8

junkwall        xx02ba51

house           xx02c10f

watchtower   xx005efc

wood wall     xx02488f

mattress       xx00443c

anvil              xx002fff

trainingtarget  xx005841

workbench     xx029220

storage          xx00877c

controller       xx030cc1

Bess             xx00155b

farm blueprint    xx046203

waterwell          xx01fee8


Remember to change the xx to the indexID of RTS NW.


house xx02c10f

player.additem xx02c10f 1




player.additem 0402c10f 1


If you have volume 4 and you find the trees too creepy:

set bbbRoTSRoadsQuest.silentbob to 1

set bbbRoTSRoadsQuest.blindbob to 1


To change the guard patrol distance

set bbbRoTSRoadsQuest.PatrolLength to xxx

set bbbRoTSRoadsQuest.guardarea to xxx


Cheat codes if you can't be bothered to cheat the other way

set aaaRoTSHappiness to 100

set aaaRoTSFoodCount to 100

set aaaRoTSScrapMaterialCount to 100

set aaaRoTSStoneCount to 100

set aaaRoTSWoodCount to 100

set aaaRoTSScienceStage to 9

set aaaRoTSGloryStage to 9


Codes for NPCs that you can recruit

player.placeatme 43c8


player.placeatme 208f5


player.placeatme 43c4


recruit any of the settlers from Megaton and Tenpenny tower and clone them as well.


If you have volume 4, here are some debug codes:

Start the farm quest if it is bugged.

set bbBobSeason.debugitem to 2


Give you another brahmin whip

set bbBobSeason.debugitem to 3


Reset several village items if Bess isn't doing it properly.

set bbBobSeason.debugitem to 4


Give you some blueprints that the lumberjack is supposed to give you.

But you should really try to get the Permanent lumberjack first.

set bbBobSeason.debugitem to 5


Give you the Bob-B-Q grill and Friendly Neighbor

set bbBobSeason.testitem to 2

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